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[NEWS] Girls’ Generation Wows Fans and Korea Yakult Staff with ‘LOOK’ Advertisement Campaign!

With one light shining down on them, the “girls” walk onto the stage with a confident pose. Like falling stars, the crystal accessories make the girls’ every step shine.
Sooyoung, dressed in a pink and black striped dress, dominated the stage like a supermodel, while Jessica showed off her sexiness by exposing her stomach with her shirt fluttering in the wind.
This scene, which looked like a grand fashion show being held in a foreign country, was a CF for Korea Yakult’s diet product, “LOOK”. The CF garnered much attention even before being aired, as it was a CF for a diet product with Girls’ Generation, who is known as the “beautiful legs group” in Japan.
The nine members gathering together despite their busy individual and unit activities also garnered attention. The CF was divided into a TV and movie version and has become a hot issue amongst netizens after behind-the-scenes footage showed staff members making “cameo” appearances in the CFs.
This CF was filmed in April at a studio in Kyunggi-do. It was a hard schedule that started at 10 AM and ended the following day at 3 AM. The person in charge of the Yakult CF stated, “The hardest thing to do was choosing a day to film, because it was not easy getting all nine Girls’ Generation members in one place at the same time.”
One staff member stated, “Everyone on set was overwhelmed by Sooyoung and Yoona’s ‘doll-like bodies’. Everyone stopped and stared at the charisma they gave off when walking down the runway.”

They filmed CFs which will be shown on television and others to be shown on alternative mediums. Other than Girls’ Generation, the people who appeared in them were staff members on set, the advertiser, and the promoter.
The assistant manager of Korea Yakult’s Integrated Marketing and Communication’s team, Seo In-Ho, revealed what it was like on the set, saying, “Their [Girls' Generation's] manners are also on the level of global stars. You couldn’t find any domineering attitude from them, and they looked like cute younger sisters, taking photos with their smartphones together when resting.”
The homepage for “LOOK” also proved Girls’ Generation’s explosive popularity. The website,http://www.dietlook.co.kr, which provides wallpapers, making films, and model photo downloads, has been recording an average of over 10,000 visitors a day.
Meanwhile, a staff member of Korea Yakult revealed, “The second CF for ‘LOOK’, matched with the summer season, will be revealed in early July.”

[NEWS] Hyomin to be Gangkiz's style director for their debut stage!

Amateur girl group Gangkiz will be styled by T-ara's Hyomin for their debut stages.

Before their debut, Gangkiz was helped by Hyomin for their music video. Hyomin will also help as their stylist director for their first broadcast by coming up with the concept and buying the clothing for the members, which she hopes will be eye-catching.

Hyomin became a stylist for Gangkiz's "HONEY HONEY" which is a dance style song, so she needed to find clothes to fit that concept. She looked for the past two days around Seoul to find the perfect stage outfits.

Hyomin is known for her airport fashion and being a fashion icon among idols, and her fashion choices often become popular online.

Hyomin said, "Starting with May 18th's 'Music Bank' and then 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo', please expect a lot from Gangkiz's 'HONEY HONEY'. Please pay lots of attention, since I'm participating as their fashion stylist."

Gangkiz's mini-album was released yesterday, and their drama music video was released the day before. Both have been receiving hot reactions.

[INFO] BIG BANG's "Alive Monster Edition" Info!

Release: June 20, 2012

3 Types:
Type 1: CD + DVD + SHIRT (¥6,980)
Type 2: CD + DVD (¥3,780)
Tyep 3: CD only (¥2,940)

CD Track List:
01. Still Alive (★)
02. MONSTER (★)
04. BLUE
09. EGO
11. Bingle Bingle (★)
12. HaruHaru -Japanese Version-

DVD Track List:
・"MONSTER -Ver. 0-" Music Video
・"FANTASTIC BABY -Ver. Final-" Music Video
・"BLUE (KR Ver.)" Music Video
・"BAD BOY (KR Ver.)" Music Video
・"FANTASTIC BABY (KR Ver.)" Music Video

[NEWS] Taeyeon chosen as the idol who would be a good vocal teacher!

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon was ranked #1 as the ‘Idol who will also be a good vocal teacher’.
From May 10th to 16th, the online music site, Monkey3, ran a poll asking their users “Which idol do you think will also be a good vocal teacher?” and first place went to Girls’ Generation lead vocalist Taeyeon, who gained 43% of the total votes (153 votes out of 357 participants).
As the lead vocal for Girls’ Generation and also a member of the current unit TTS, Taeyeon is well-known for having the best vocals out of the idol groups. People who took part in the poll left such comments, “Not only does Taeyeon have a great voice, but she also sings with such emotions and expresses the songs so well”, and “Because she has great basics and can cover a wide range of music genres, I think she could be a great teacher”.
After Taeyeon, Sistar’s Hyorin came in second place with 13% of the votes and 2AM’s Changmin with 12% at third place. Other than the top three, Big Bang’s Taeyang, 2NE1′s Park Bom and MBLAQ’s G.O were also among those who ranked on the list.
adapted: dailypopnews.com

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